Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tv for Fantasy & Sci-Fi/Horror Fans

Those that love this genre, know that there is little to no quality shows of this type, other than the B-type drama you can find daily on Syfy. Networks are perpetually clogged with long running comedy sitcoms or law & crime dramas. I'm a big reader, and my DVR is proof that I don't catch much television, but when I heard about the new zombie drama on AMC, my ears perked up.

The Walking Dead is not exactly 28 Days Later or Doomsday quality, but if you are itching to satisfy your Dark UF/Horror craving, this might be right up your alley.  Oh, how AMC has changed these last couple of years.  From classic Black & Whites to now flesh eating zombies & renegade cops. The first season raps up Sun Dec 5th, following the marathon of the first 5 episodes.

Of course, I never keep my hopes up when a new fascinating Sci-fi/Fantasy drama graces my small screen. The fact is, new Fantasy shows never seem to live past the first season hump.  Even with a cult following or high popularity, a Sci-Fi show is usually doomed even prior to their first airing.

Case in point, Firefly and Flash Forward were two really big shows with one small run. For Firefly at least, the voice of fans drove a movie deal that ultimately landed it on the big screen.  And if you want to talk about great Sci-fi shows that were cancelled before their time, Battle Star 
Galactica never should have ended when it did.  Check out TWP's Brilliant But Cancelled for more info.

For those who are more keen towards Fantasy, Merlin has been one of my long running favorites these last couple of years. Thankfully this show is produced by BBC, and could not be cancelled by their previous host, NBC. Later, the SyFy channel picked up this shows's contract and is now airing in America about 6 months after Great Britain. If you don't like to wait for new episodes, youtube seems to have a plethora of choices for watching unaired episodes.  The third season will begin airing on SyFy early 2011.

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