Saturday, December 4, 2010

Should Authors Comment on Reviews?

Personally, I don't have a problem with random comments by authors. It's almost flattering having a semi-hero or celebrity take the time with fans. But what if an author takes it to another level, in actually critiquing or picking apart our reviews?

A seasoned or confident writer shouldn't feel the need to go up against every reader review they don't agree with. I find it intimidating and somewhat offensive. Shouldn't they just be happy that we bought & read their book?

As if honest reviewers aren't met with enough opposition to begin with. It seems that lately that an honest reviewer has to have a strong constitution to put up with the constant onslaught of attack by fan girls, who defend their hero to the bitter end, or now by authors that have nothing better to do. This may also be the reason why so many books have inflated reviews and star ratings.

This topic was started when I unwittingly became one of those random reviewers that an author decided to focus on. You can read my review, the Authors responses, and come to your own conclusions here:
My Highborn Review.

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