Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sci-Fi/Fantasy for UF Readers

Tairen Soul is one of the only Fantasy heavy plots I've read & enjoyed. It revolves around a Shapeshifter Fae King that loses his mate during a Mage War a 1000yrs ago, and in-turn scorched the earth & killed millions. Fast forward, he is now trying to save his race from extinction from those same evil Mages (somewhat like the Lessers from BDB). I don't want to give too much away, but when he makes a rare visit to a city his soul calls out to his true mate, a gawky unattractive commoner, which he has never laid eyes on before.

This 5-book series is pretty engaging and has all the action with a bit of romance that I like. It's also very reminiscent to an epic like Lord of the Rings drama. The 4th book had some sluggish moments, but all-in-all I have really enjoyed this series as a whole. And yes, this would be considered a PNR by some, but saves itself from being a cookie-cutter romance with its considerable amount of unpredictable action and fantasy plot.

Song of Scarabaeus, is a futuristic fantasy plot that is definitely worth the notice, even for this regular UF reader. Self described as a Science Fiction Adventure, with a dash of romance.

"The secretive interstellar government called the Crib unleashed its biocyph terraforming technology on the planet Scarabaeus, but something went very wrong. Only sensitive, talented Edie, an orphan raised by the Crib and taught to program biocyph seeds, knows what happened."

A touch of romance is just that. There is a lot of chemistry & sexual tension, but if you are expecting a PNR plot you will be sorely disappointed. Part of the story is touching, along with the tenderness between the two leads. However, I have to admit that some of the SF & Techno talk really confused me, since I don't usually read this genre. Having said that, I found this book so engaging, I plowed through it in record time.

Warning, the first book ends with little resolved. Wait until Book two's release in April 2011, if you hate cliffhangers.

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