Monday, December 6, 2010

New for Tuesday

Alien Tango-Koch
Book #2

A humorous Scifi Romance, w/ Douglas Adams & Monsters vs. Aliens-inspired elements. Okay writing, interesting & engaging stories.

1-Touched by an Alien

2-Alien Tango 
                                 3-Alien in the Family (Apr 05,2011)
                                 4-Alien Proliferation (Winter 2011)
                                 5-Alien Diplomacy (TBD)
                                 6-Alien vs. Alien (TBD)

Real Vampires Have More to Love-Bartlett
Book #6

A witty & well written Chick-lit series that follows Glory, a voluptuous & independent vamp & her yummy Scottish sire.  Lots of mystery & sexy scenes to delve into.

1-Real Vampires have Curves
                                 2-Real Vampires Live Large

                                 3-Real Vampires Get Lucky
                                 4-Real Vampires Don't Diet
                                 5-Real Vampires Hate their Thighs
                                 6-Real Vampires Have More to Love                                                             7-Real Vampires Don't Wear Size Six (Aug 02,2011)

Beneath the Thirteen Moons-Kennedy
PNR/Paperback Release

I'm including this book on this list, but it seems that the release date recently changed and this is also a re-release.  The original release had a limited distribution and would set you back about a Ben Franklin.  I'm not a big PNR girl, but I did enjoy Kennedy's other series, Relics of Merlin.  I believe                                   this is a standalone book.

Last Sacrifice-Mead
YA/Book #6

1-Vampire Academy 
3-Shadow Kiss
4-Blood Promise
5-Spirit Bound
6-Last Sacrifice

Right Hand Magic-Collins

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