Sunday, December 26, 2010

Great E-Reads under $3

I'm a little late to the party with finding these good reads; but I have to say that HP Mallory's books are definitely worth a look for any PNR fan.  I recently read all three of her published e-books and I was pleasantly surprised.

Just like a lot of other books with cartoonish covers & ebook only format, I didn't take hers all that seriously. -Big mistake.  Her first series, Jolie Wilkins, is one of the best written and engaging PNRs I've read in quite some time.  I give a half hearted recommendation for her 2nd series, Dulcie O'Neil, which is definitely lacking the magic that her first one has.

For those that don't have an e-reader, you are in luck.  Mallory's books have become so popular that she is now starting to publish her books in paperback as well.  However, Toil & Trouble is not yet available in paperback.

Fire Burn & Cauldron Bubble  (.99¢)
The first book sets up the series about a self-deprecating witch with the unique ability to reanimate the dead and dangerously handsome warlock torn between being her boss and her would-be lover.  It clearly follows the PNR genre path, but it is definitely well written and the character development & world building is pretty darn good as well.

Toil & Trouble  ($2.99)
The 2nd one leaves off exactly where the first one ends.  Without giving anything away, I would have to say her 2nd book sealed my appreciation for this series.  Again, Mallory delivers a well written and edited book, but this one has much more emotion and plot development.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Top Reads from 2010


I've read quite a lot of good ones this year, so I narrowed my scope down to only books published & read in 2010.  What is your #1 for the year?
                                    1-DreamFever (Book #4)
                                    2-Succubus Shadows (Book # 5)
                                    3-Venom (Book # 3)
                                    4-Twice Bitten (Book # 3)
                                    5-Toil & Trouble (Book #2)
                                    6-Magic Bleeds (Book #3)
                                    7-Tracking the Tempest (Book #2)
                                    8-Black Wings (Book #1)
                                    9-Stormwalker (Book #1)
                                    10-Twice Dead (Book #2)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Favorite Word....

Free Amazon Ebook 

Fire Lord's Lover-Kennedy
Book #1

Author of the Relics of Merlin series, this new series is about a magical land ruled by ruthless Elven Lords, the Fire Lord's son Dominic Raikes plays a deadly game to conceal his growing might from his malevolent father, until his arranged bride awakens in him passions he thought he had buried forever.  Yes this is a PNR, but have to say this is one of only a handful of PNR authors that I endorse.  Available for a limited time.

Monday, December 6, 2010

New for Tuesday

Alien Tango-Koch
Book #2

A humorous Scifi Romance, w/ Douglas Adams & Monsters vs. Aliens-inspired elements. Okay writing, interesting & engaging stories.

1-Touched by an Alien

2-Alien Tango 
                                 3-Alien in the Family (Apr 05,2011)
                                 4-Alien Proliferation (Winter 2011)
                                 5-Alien Diplomacy (TBD)
                                 6-Alien vs. Alien (TBD)

Real Vampires Have More to Love-Bartlett
Book #6

A witty & well written Chick-lit series that follows Glory, a voluptuous & independent vamp & her yummy Scottish sire.  Lots of mystery & sexy scenes to delve into.

1-Real Vampires have Curves
                                 2-Real Vampires Live Large

                                 3-Real Vampires Get Lucky
                                 4-Real Vampires Don't Diet
                                 5-Real Vampires Hate their Thighs
                                 6-Real Vampires Have More to Love                                                             7-Real Vampires Don't Wear Size Six (Aug 02,2011)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tv for Fantasy & Sci-Fi/Horror Fans

Those that love this genre, know that there is little to no quality shows of this type, other than the B-type drama you can find daily on Syfy. Networks are perpetually clogged with long running comedy sitcoms or law & crime dramas. I'm a big reader, and my DVR is proof that I don't catch much television, but when I heard about the new zombie drama on AMC, my ears perked up.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sci-Fi/Fantasy for UF Readers

Tairen Soul is one of the only Fantasy heavy plots I've read & enjoyed. It revolves around a Shapeshifter Fae King that loses his mate during a Mage War a 1000yrs ago, and in-turn scorched the earth & killed millions. Fast forward, he is now trying to save his race from extinction from those same evil Mages (somewhat like the Lessers from BDB). I don't want to give too much away, but when he makes a rare visit to a city his soul calls out to his true mate, a gawky unattractive commoner, which he has never laid eyes on before.

Should Authors Comment on Reviews?

Personally, I don't have a problem with random comments by authors. It's almost flattering having a semi-hero or celebrity take the time with fans. But what if an author takes it to another level, in actually critiquing or picking apart our reviews?

A seasoned or confident writer shouldn't feel the need to go up against every reader review they don't agree with. I find it intimidating and somewhat offensive. Shouldn't they just be happy that we bought & read their book?