Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Two Month Read

An intriguing question was recently placed to me, on whether a Series Favorite should remain so, after a string of misses or disappointments. After a long contemplation and discussion, my ultimate response was yes. I'm a creature of habit, and I like to remain committed to anything I vest my time in.  Yes, that means I sometimes I have trouble identifying when I should just let go.  Same goes for my difficulty to sell a loosing stock that I've held onto for more than a decade. But I digress.  

Of course, I have no problem ditching a book after expending only mere hours on it, or on a series that left me disappointed by the end of the 1st book.   My recent dilemma was whether to abandon a series favorite, Tairen Soul. I surprisingly took to this SF/Romantic Lord of the Rings Epic like drama right from the beginning. But after quarter of the way through the fourth book (Queen of Song & Souls), I definitely reached a road block.  If it's indication from its low rating, I wasn't alone.   After two months of reading this book off & on, I happily persevered through it and found it rather good by the end. That is, after moving past the slow and uninteresting parts that were in dire need of editing or just deleting.

So, my question is when should you decide enough-is-enough?  Should we stay committed or move on when we see our favorites declining?  

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